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Jedi / Staff Accountant / QuickBooks Whisperer (Telecommute) PT/FT - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 02 May 2019
Category: Accounting & Finance

Hello, thanks for reading.

If the ad is still here (which it does appear to be), then we still want to hear from you. It can take quite a while for us to go over responses, schedule interviews, etc., so a week from now when we're 5,000 ads down the list, feel free to hit us up anyway.

The Company:

We are a small, rapidly growing, bookkeeping firm, providing a range of services to clients around West LA/Southbay. We are fun, work hard, and like what we do. We're fairly casual, but clean up nice when our clients stop by. Our clients love us (seriously, they tell us all the time) both for the excellent work we do and for our very high level of service and attention to detail.

Some of our work is done in-house, some from client locations, and some by our staff who work from home (like you!). We work on a wide variety of projects for many different companies, including attorneys, production houses, doctors, boutiques, furniture stores, biotech companies, non-profits, and some others.

Our office values diversity and an inclusive environment where all our employees feel safe and welcome.

The Position:

This is a telecommuting position for about 30 hours. Full time may also be possible. The schedule is flexible, but once set, we'll be depending on you to be available when you say you will. We'll be providing some office supplies and equipment depending on what you have/need, but you should have a decent workspace at home as well as fast and realiable Internet access.

Strangely, you'll need to be really good at taking directions at some times, and really good at managing yourself at other times. Deadlines will need to be juggled, priorities prioritized, time managed. You'll be reporting to someone, but there's a very solid dollop of autonomy in this position.

The Work:

This position involves working with multiple clients in different industries. You'll be interfacing directly with some clients, and acting in a supporting role behind the scenes with others.

The ability to deal with multiple companies and projects will be important, both in the sense of having a lot of small tasks to juggle, and in the sense of working with different people who want things done different ways. We're big on QuickBooks.

Your day might include any of cash and accrual accounting, payroll (via payroll companies), HR (light), A/R, A/P, Cashflow analysis, sales tax, financial reporting, 1099s, budgeting, preparing or reviewing financial statements, reconciling accounts, or dealing directly with our client's clients, vendors, and staff. Oh, and we're big on QuickBooks.

It could also include phychoanalysing our clients, talking them down off a ledge, explaining things they don't understand, and generally putting out all manner of fires and/or holding the ragged edges together.

This means you understand the accounts and numbers, but you're also good with people, communicate well verbally and in writing, are patient, don't fluster easily, and genuinely enjoy what you do.

Did I mention that we're big on QuickBooks?

The Skillset:
  • You're a fine QuickBooks jockey.
  • You can do accrual accounting.
  • You know everyone (yes, even you) makes mistakes, so you double-check, proof, and verify yourself routinely.
  • You probably have a degree in accounting. Otherwise, you have some related degree and a lot of amazing experience
  • You get stuff done.
  • People enjoy working with you. Your personality may have been previously described as fluffy.
  • You know your way around a PC pretty well and won't make our network guy cry.
  • You can pass a standard background check.
  • You are mobile and ok with occasional client visits.
  • You may have experience with multiple clients or projects.
  • You may have inventory experience.
The Person:
  • We feel perfectly confident having you work directly with our clients. Yes, our bread-and-butter, the light of our eyes, the fat of our wallets, with whom we have worked so hard to build relationships based on trust, pleasant experience, and truly impressive service. We won't hesitate to entrust our income and good name to you for safekeeping, because you are just that good.

  • You have the patience of a medicated oak tree. You don't get frustrated easily.

  • You have a nice phone personality, a nice email personality, and well, a nice personality.

  • You're highly organized. Working on lots of different stuff won't have you spinning in circles.

  • You have a strong accounting background.

  • You are a QuickBooks whisperer. With a snap of your fingers, you can make the program sit up and beg for treats. You're reasonably confident in walking somebody through a basic procedure over the phone from memory. You take different versions in stride and you're (very) familiar with QBOE. You probably haven't memorized (yuck!) everything about QuickBooks, but you know how to look it up or figure it out faster than lesser people can say "I memorized that!"

  • You are a hero at fixing systems that have been brutaly abused and neglected by those posers, those cretins, those beady-eyed-miscounting-imposters - you know of whom I speak - lesser bookkeepers! (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahgh!) Sometimes multiple, conflicting, incompetent, baaaaad bookkeepers who hated each other and are all unavailable for questions because they've been chased away by rock-throwing clients whom they've left gibbering incoherently with rage at the general state of their finances.

  • You know your way around a PC pretty well. Sure, you're not a network engineer, but you won't have problems with email, file management, online banking, printing to PDF, uploading, downloading, running reports, working with spreadsheets, scanning etc. You can usually coax unfamiliar software into doing your bidding, at least well enough to get the job done.

  • You won't choke when the tax-time crunch rolls around and the bodies hit the floor.

  • You spend a lot of time communicating textually (texts, email, messaging, you know, the written word)... People won't wonder which of the many meanings to attribute to that sentence, or why you are typing all caps at them.

  • You'd rather get help than do it wrong.

  • You can wade hip-deep into an ambiguous situation with a panicked client, nail it down tight, and leave them feeling relieved and grateful (that's where the love is!).

  • Some of our clients will require a background check. Your identity doesn't suddenly dead end into a burned down town hall in waffleburg potokie 10 years ago.

Now What?

It's about time! We've been looking for you for a while. Please drop us a note letting us know that you finally found us. Tell us whatever you want us to know.

We also need a resume, cover letter, and expected salary/hourly. Hint: Truly awesome responders will note that we hate having to open attachments to view resumes -- consider just pasting it into the body of your email. It's ok if it's not perfectly formatted. Also, the cover letter doesn't need to be a book (though a book is certainly fine, if you feel like it, just don't feel pressured to write one), even just a few sentences telling us who you are will do.

Please only respond - by email - through craigslist. Don't use your mad skills to track us down on the Internet and then call, text, im, fax, mail, smoke ring, or fold your stuff up into paper airplanes and fly it through our windows. Actually, fine, if you can manage to fly a paper airplane through one of our windows, it will probably get read.
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