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**Calling all artists, musicians, scholars, and educators** - art /...

City: New york city
Date: 10 Jul 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

Allfalfa is accepting course proposals for its Summer Sessions, which will feature a broad array of offerings geared towards a lifetime of learning and personal development.

Who we are -
We are the Unaccredited University of the World. Our mission is to promote culture, curiosity, and enlightenment - as a way to deliver happiness. We operate under a "permanent pledge" of 10% of our profits to education and conservation initiatives.

Who we are looking for -
Those willing to exercise their intellectual and creative freedom. We are extraordinarily open minded when it comes to course ideas. If you can dream it, you can teach it.

What sets us apart -
Our focus is on a diversity of ideas - academic, practical, and inspirational. And in contrast to the mainstream sources of learning on the internet, everything we do is 100% LIVE. Meaning you will teach in a video-conference setting, or in person.

Submit your course proposal on, or feel free to email us through the link above. We will generally get back to you in 48 hours!

You can find a set of FAQs and further information on our site.

A selection of our course themes:
Biology -- Dance -- Design -- Film -- Fine Arts -- History -- Language -- Literature -- Outdoors -- Professional -- Religion -- Sports -- Technology -- Writing -- Yoga & Meditation
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